About Us

PRISMOLINE was established to make road safer. We are leading manufacture & exporter of thermoplastic materials. Our rich experience & expertise in thermoplastic, along with advanced thermoplastic formulation, are leading the way to safer traffic on road for world’s population. We are committed to Quality, Safety, Environment & Customers.

Our quality management systems start with quality assurance testing on all incoming raw materials, entire manufacturing process, and finished product. Our quality control system & computerized batch control manufacturing facility delivered an excellent product every time. PRISMOLINE is passionate to quality from raw material to application on road by providing expert technical filed support.

At PRISMOLINE our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We believe that our success depend only on success of our valued customers.

We believe in producing environmentally friendly marking materials. At the same time all making match or exceed standard like the MORTH 803.4 and BS 36262


"Our vision is to be global leader in road safety business.  Our team is dedicated to make Indian roads safer and contribute to the economy by “MAKE IN INDIA” & cater the world."


"Our mission is inline with the national goal of reducing road fatalities by 50% by 2020."